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120-day parts guarantee

Warranties & Conditions

  1. Ernie's Used Auto Parts hereby warrant to the purchaser that all parts are serviceable and functional. If a part is found to be defective within 120 days of its purchase date, Ernie's Used Auto Parts shall, at its discretion, provide either a replacement or a refund. Special order goods and electrical goods are non-returnable.
  2. All parts sold "AS IS" unless written otherwise. All claims and returned goods must be accompanied by original invoice. All correctly filled orders are subject to a 25% handling charge and seven day limit on returns.
  3. No reimbursements will be given for delay, labour, mileage, freight, or any other costs in installing or re-installing a part.
  4. A 50% deposit is required for orders where parts must be removed or ordered from other sources. Special order deposits are non-refundable. Cash deposits will hold parts for 30 days.
  5. We recommend that whenever appropriate, new oil seals be installed in engines, transmissions, transaxles, and differentials. We do not guarantee against oil leaks.
  6. The warranty shall be voided if the part or parts are not returned in the same condition in which they are sold or do not bear the identification marks which appear on all parts sold by Ernie's Used Auto Parts. We shall not be responsible for any parts which have been altered, modified, disassembled, or damaged by misuse or accident subsequent to purchase.


  1. Guaranteed against knocks and cracks only. The crankshaft, block, heads, and valve train are covered under this warranty. Accessories such as water pumps, distributors, carburetors, and exhaust manifolds are left on for customer convenience.
  2. Engines are guaranteed to be in good operating condition with reasonable limits or specifications (i.e. oil pressure, compression, oil consumption, etc.)
  3. This warranty terminates when an engine is disassembled or is damaged as a result of overheating or lack of lubrication. Please check lubricant and coolant levels before starting engine.
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